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On or we would like to give you an insight into why we at STRÖDTER We design our handling devices with particular attention to ergonomics. Our primary goal is to ensure that the users of our devices ultimately receive an ergonomic work tool that supports their daily work processes at the workplace made easier and optimized.

We understand the importance of physical relief for the health and well-being of our customers. In order we To eliminate heavy lifting operations as well as repeated bending and stretching while working, our ergo­nomic designed handling devices help users stay healthier and experience fewer work-related injuries be exposed to loads. This allows employees to concentrate on their tasks without having to worry about physical activity Complaints prevent them from being affected and thus increase their motivation to work.

The improved motivation of employees can indirectly lead to an increase in performance, which in turn for It is a great economic advantage for companies that use our devices. By using our ergonomic Handling equipment allows companies to benefit in the long term from more productive employees and their competitiveness increase.

In addition, the use of ergo­nomic work equipment contributes to making the workplace more valuable and that To increase the interest of potential employees in working in your company. A working environment that focuses on... The health and well-being of its employees is becoming increasingly attractive to professionals looking for one Looking for a long-term and fulfilling job.

At STROEDTER we are committed to developing high-quality handling devices and rail systems, which not only optimize our customers' work processes, but also their well-being and mot­ivat­ion at the workplace increase. We are proud and excited to be making our contribution to a healthier and more productive working world to provide you with further support in selecting the right er­gonomic solutions.

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